Canvas makes teaching and learning easier for everyone.

CMS and the State of North Carolina have adopted a new learning management system, Canvas, which North Carolina DPI has added to the Home Base suite of tools.  The Canvas LMS is a powerful tool for creating digital learning environments, whether you teach in a virtual, face to face, or blended learning experience.

Why should we use Canvas?

Canvas gives students and teachers one location to own and manage learning. It is  a way to simplify teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one easy place. It dramatically increases student-teacher communication and personalizes the classroom in a way that is impossible using traditional means. It’s a powerful tool that supports learning and instruction on any device at any time.  Learn more about Canvas here:

Use Canvas to Build Your Digital Learning Environment

Canvas courses are created from PowerSchool data.  When you log into Canvas, you can click on “Courses” and you should see your PowerSchool Generated courses already in there and students will be added to the courses automatically.  This feature will allow teachers to send grades to powerschool from within Canvas.  Need additional courses created that are not in PowerSchool? Those can be created by your onsite Canvas administrators.  These are typically our Facilitators and Media Coordinators.