2017-2018 Digital Citizenship in CMS

Our students live in a digitally connected world where they use technology in many facets of their lives. They spend time online doing schoolwork and homework, as well as communicating with friends, family and the world through social media. No matter which of these activities they are participating in, we are responsible for teaching students how to be safe, how to use technology appropriately, and how to act responsibly online. In Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools we must ensure our students are able to navigate the digital world and be good stewards of the digital tools they have access to. Each year, students in each of our schools will receive 3+ hours of instruction from the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum on how to become responsible digital citizens. As a result of this training, students will develop skills that will encourage them to become motivated, self-reliant, productive citizens in our digital world.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Digital Citizenship Vision:

Students will navigate the digital world responsibly and be good stewards of digital tools in order to expand their knowledge and experiences to improve the lives of themselves and of others.

This year CMS added an additional CMS Digital Citizenship Certification for schools who expose 90% of students to Digital Citizenship curriculum. Below you will find schools which have earned Digital Citizenship Recognition from Common Sense Media and/or Digital Citizenship Certification from CMS.

Click here for a list of schools who earned Common Sense Certification in 2016-2017.