Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV’s are installed by our Information Systems and Support TV.  Once a school has at least 5 Apple TVs, you can put in a work order for this conversion.  It take about 16 man-hours per school. For more info click here. CMS Instructional Technology Specialists can help you with ways you can integrate the Apple TV’s seamlessly with the curriculum by coming to schools to do training. Below are also some helpful resourses:

8  Ways to Use Apple TV in the Classroom

1. Annotate documents live with your students

2. Demonstrate apps

3. Display pictures of student/teacher work

4. If you have more iPads in the room, students can share their screen on the Apple TV

5. Students/Teacher can present/share from anywhere in the room.

6. Display Apps so all students can see on a big screen (Ex. ShowMe, Virtual Field Trip Apps etc)

7. Using iBooks and highlighting sections/words for discussion

8. Simple be untethered – freedom to move around.

Apple TV and ipad

 Mirroring your iPad’s screen to the Apple TV

1. Turn on the TV/Projector connected to the Apple TV

2. Ensure each device is on the same network

3. Double tap the home button on the iPad

4. Swipe to the right and you will see a button that has a square with a triangle

5. Tap the button. This displays the available devices for use with AirPlay

6. Tap on your Apple TV’s name and then slide Mirroring to ‘On’

7. Your iPad should screen should be now displaying on the TV/Projector connected to the Apple TV


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